Select Poems (a bilingual edition)
Select Poems (a bilingual edition)
César Vallejo
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At the pinnacle of Peruvian literature is César Vallejo, Vallejo developed a style that revolutionized poetry in the Spanish language and he is internationally recognized as one the great figures of world literature, His was a gifted expression of Andean roots, the spirit of his poems would become one of the great landmarks of modern literature. The new poetic style developed by Vallejo shared characteristics of much vanguard poetry.

Vallejo?s poetry, for all its references to familiar landscapes and a social and historical milieu, transcends those coordinates of time and space and positions the reader on a more permanent and profound plane: that of the human condition.
MARIO VARGAS LLOSA, Foreword The Complete poetry César Vallejo, translated by Clayton Eshleman

?This is a crucially important translation of one of poetic geniuses of the twentieth century?
WILLIAM ROWE, author of Poets of Contemporary Latin America: History and the Inner Life