Essential Spanish for Latin America
Essential Spanish for Latin America
María Eugenia, Abarca
ISBN:    9789972970658
Tamaño: 21.50 X 13.50
Páginas: 342 págs.
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Travelling in South America

Essential Spanish For Latin America covering of situations through practical dialogs, will soon become an invaluable support for travellers.

This book, with its unique format will guide you through Spanish Grammar in an easy and practical manner, by introducing it gradually in its situational dialogs.

The traveller will find understanding Spanish, and being understood himself, sooner than he would have thought possible.

-Grammar put forth in an easy and practical manner, a variety of dialogs regarding a possible situations.
-Exercises to check the readers progress that mayorise making definitely, clear and concise.
-Phonetic pronunciation guide to help you speak accurately and be understood.
-A list of fully conjugated verbs.

You will find this approach to the Spanish Language as refreshing and original, and it will soon become an indispensable companion for your trips.